About our Global Brand


Our Founder

A man with a humble beginning, a dream to make it big, and a simple idea driven by a lot of passion. When you bring all three together, the possibilities are limitless. In 1981, our founder Mr. P. Rajagopal (Annachi as he is lovingly called) believed that only a few things bring about a smile of satisfaction upon people, like good hearty meal.


The Legacy

Mr. P. Rajagopal, was later joined in this journey by his sons, 

Mr. P. R. Shiva Kumaar and Mr. R. Saravanan who have lent their expertise in taking Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan to another level. In 2000, our first international restaurant was opened in Dubai. Since 1981, our Hotel Saravana Bhavan has crossed milestones, set records, redefined the dine-in experience for all food lovers.


World's Biggest South Indian Vegetarian Brand

Over 100 restaurants globally, and a menu with over 350 dishes, Saravanaa Bhavan serves millions of customers across the world. This is a testimony to the impeccable quality and taste that our  Hotel Saravana Bhavan is famous for.